Dr MG Chandrakanth conferred Dr Ramesh Chandra Agrawal Award of Excellence for his outstanding contributions in the field of Agricultural Economics, by the President of Indian Society of Agricultural Economics on 18th Dec 2014 at Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada Univesity, Aurangabad

Welcome to Team of Excellence in NRE

Objectives of TOE-NRE

The Team deals with natural resource economic issues in water, watershed and forestry with the specific objective of developing and strengthening the

  • Knowledge and research base in Natural Resource
  • Economics Analytical capabilities in finding solutions to Natural Resource Economics problem
  • Policy instruments to tackle Natural Resource Economics issues

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The focus of the study is the economic estimation of the interactive effects of wells. This 'well interference' leading to well failure isdefined as a well that (i) fails or goes dry, or (ii) loses its yield, or (iii) requires deepening.

Initial and premature failures of irrigation wells are a predicament to farmers in hard rock areas due to cumulative well interference induced by drought situation.

Assessment of Economic Impacts of MGNREGA in selected two villages of Karnataka state using Social Accounting Matrix (SAM).

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